Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I remember,

Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin

About Power of Words

Our Culture

At Power of Words, we create a setting that gets students excited about learning!

We have designed the curriculum to ensure the activities offered are meaningful, fun and engaging. We are committed to guiding students and helping them understand the value of academic achievement, personal goal setting and high expectations. 

The Power of Words platform is based on best practices, is research-based, and is aligned with the Ontario Elementary School curriculum. 

Our Teachers

At Power of Words Academy, we believe that teaching is key to student success. Our teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to help students achieve success in the program.

Our instructors have in-depth experience working with children, and have a genuine interest in every student's success and well-being. Our low student-to-teacher ratio provides teachers with the opportunity to develop strong relationships with their students and offer quality one-on-one time as needed. 

To build strong written and oral communication skills, students must learn to think, ask good questions, and have the confidence to effectively communicate their thoughts, both orally and in writing. Our teachers recognize the importance of personal instruction and the value of paying close attention to the unique needs of each student. They also place high value on the importance of dialogue as a teaching technique. They engage students by encouraging them to talk about their writing at every step of the writing process, and present their completed pieces of work to the class. Our teachers also use a variety of interactive teaching methods to motivate students and involve them in class.

We're proud to have dedicated, enthusiastic teachers at Power of Words. They are committed to the program, and to parents, to ensure that each student has a positive and enriching academic experience.